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Project Catalyst Fund4 and Future Projects

March / April 2021

March was a busy month for Logical Mechanism. The marketplace is now deployed as a functioning prototype. The preprapation for the next phase of development, a working mvp, is already underway. This huge step for the proposal and the ecosystem as a whole. This will provide the foundation for the entire future of the marketplace.

In the beginning of April, we will be submitting our brand new proposal along with an additional marketplace continuation proposal for Project Catalyst Fund5. The new proposal will be a very unique and beneficial for the every developer working with Cardano. This is an exciting and innovative time to be involved in the ecosystem.

As fund5 gets closer, the frontpage will be updated accordingly with the new proposal updates.

The Marketplace Proposal

Project Catalyst is about to enter the voting phase for Fund4. Starting in the beginning of April, users will be able to vote for any open proposal using the Project Catalyst voting application. The voting period will be open for a short amount time and will allow many users to participate in one of the largest decentralize voting platforms in existence.

Currently, our proposal is in the veteran community advisors review phase. This feedback round will determine the final group of proposals. This round will determine the the outcome of the proposal because of the impact rating is calculated from the combined reveiw scores. This is a huge learning opportunity and an amazing experience.

Logical Mechanism Proposal

When the proposal is funded then the project will begin. The expected mvp will be finished in the beginning of May. This is a perfect alignment with the potential release of smart contracts in August. It will allow Logical Mechanism to have the best chance of releasing a live product upon the Gougen update.

If you wish to donate to this project via delegation please use:

Pool ID: 07ac7dee6c82177096b70ccf21cfb8965c1fb08e079f9ca4af4b2b3e

Or simply search for LOGIC in the Yoroi or Daedalus wallet.

We provide accessiblity to decentralized blockchain technologies for the everyday user, allowing ease of access to digital currency payment systems, decentralized marketplaces, and peer-to-peer wagering.

Our mission is to be a major voice for decentralizating the world's financial, social, and voting systems. We advocate the importance of unfraudulent digital identity, unrestricted peer-to-peer transactions, and decentralized infrastructure.

Logical Mechanism owns and operates the [LOGIC] pools.

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